Internet Service Provider, Caldwell, Idaho

Internet Service Options - Caldwell, Idaho

with Multiple Options for High Speed Internet!

Offering DSL/VDSL2 (Fiber) Internet, Point to Point Wireless Internet,
4G Wireless Internet and Satellite Internet options throughout
the entire green coverage area shown below!

Residential Internet Speeds up to 40 Mbps available!

Business / Enterprise Level Solutions up to 500 Mbps!

No Phone Service or Bundling Required!

 - Limited Time Offer - 

Get up to 40 Mbps Download Speed
for only 
$29.95 per month for an entire year!

Note:  The Internet service options, speeds and availability will vary by location.
Please call or request a quote below to check the service availability in your area.


Prefer to Text?  That's okay too!
(unless of course your driving)

Just Text "Internet" along with your address to 208-939-6392
we will respond with the best option available at your location!

Bundled packages are available ... just never required!


Packages Start at
$19.99 per Month!

 Ask about the Hopper!

Packages Start at
$29.99 per Month!

Ask about the Genie!

Phone: 208-906-0662
Text:  208-939-6392