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We’ve got more options for High Speed Internet!

Serving Idaho for over 15 years, our Internet Service Provider Options include:  Fiber, DSL, VDSL2, Point to Point Wireless Internet Service, 4G Wireless Internet, Cable and Satellite Internet Services.  We also offer Satellite TV, Streaming TV and Phone Services.

Offering Internet Speeds up to 1,000 Mbps!

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Unlimited plans start at only $35 per month!

Internet Service Availability

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The Internet Service Provider Options, Technologies, and Speeds available vary by physical location.  Please contact us today to determine the best Internet Service options available in your area.

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Also offering Satellite TV, Streaming TV and Phone Services

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Bundled packages are available, just never required!

Satellite Television Service

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We offer both Dish Network and DirecTV Satellite TV Services!

Packages start at only $25 per month for a year when bundled with select Internet Service.

 Learn More about our Satellite TV Service Options

Streaming Television Service

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We now offer DirecTV Now Streaming TV Service!

No Contracts, No Commitments, No Install Required

 Learn More about our DirecTV Now Streaming TV Service

Phone Services

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We offer multiple options for Home and Business Phone Services!

Our Service options include Traditional Analog (POTS) and Digital VOIP phone solutions.

 Learn More about our Phone Service Options

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