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High Speed Internet Service
Regardless of the Circumstances, We've Got You Covered!

Offering: Fiber, VDSL2, Point to Point, 4G, Cable and Satellite Internet Solutions!
Live in a rural area?  We Offer Unlimited Rural Internet Services!

Unlimited Internet Service
Plans starting at only $35 per month
No Commitment or Bundling Required
Up to 1,000 Mbps available in select locations

Note: Internet Speed Options and Service Availability vary by Location.
Please Contact us to determine the Internet Service Options Available in Your Area.

Prefer to Text?   We can do that!

Just Text "Internet" along with your Address to 208-939-6392
we will respond with the best option available at your location!

Looking for TV Service?  We Do That Too!

Bundled packages are available ... just never required!

Please Call, Text or Email us to get more
information on the current Satellite TV offers!


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