Fixed (Point to Point) Wireless Internet

Fixed Wireless Internet service is the ultimate rural Internet solution for locations that don’t have access to Fiber, VDSL2, 5G Internet for Home, or Cable Internet services. Because Fixed wireless solutions are ground-based, you won’t have the latency / lag issues you would with a Satellite based Internet service and you also get unlimited use!

Fixed Wireless Internet Tower

Fixed Wireless service options require an antenna to be installed on your home that will point to the local ground-based tower. An unobstructed line of sight to the tower is required. Unlimited Plans start at only $35 per month, and speeds of 100 Mbps are available in select locations.

What is your best Internet option?

The internet provider options, technologies, and speeds available vary by physical location. Please contact us today to learn more about the internet service options available at your location. In most cases, we will have multiple options to choose from.

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