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Internet service providers in Nampa, Idaho offering Fiber Internet, VDSL2, 4G/ 5G Wireless Internet, Fixed Wireless Internet, Point to Point Wireless Internet and Satellite Internet services for both Home and Business. We also offer Phone, Streaming TV service and Satellite TV service in Nampa.

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Nampa Home Internet Service

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All services are backed by Local sales and support!

Unlimited Home Internet plans start at only $35 per month!


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Nampa Fiber Internet Providers

We are now offering fiber internet service in Nampa. Most new subdivisions, and many older areas served by overhead power lines now qualify for fiber internet. Fiber internet speeds are symmetrical, so you get the same speeds up and down.

Plans from $49 per month!

(Modem required)

Speeds up to 940 Mbps available!

No commitment required.

Special Offer: You may qualify for a Free Modem ($200 Value) and a Free Install. Contact us for details.

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VDSL2 Internet Service in Nampa

Don’t have fiber directly to your home? No problem. We can get you a dedicated line to the nearby fiber terminal using your existing phone line (No phone service required). Self install options are available!

$49 per month!

(Modem required)

Speeds up to 160 Mbps!

Price for Life Guarantee.

No commitment required.

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Fixed Wireless Internet tower in Nampa

4G / 5G Wireless Internet Service for Home

Now available in Nampa!

No phone line, No cable line, No antenna required! Just plug in the modem and start surfing.

$60 per month!

(Modem included)

Unlimited Use.

No commitment required.

Next day service available.

Service availability and speeds vary by physical location.

Please contact us today to see if your address qualifies for this amazing new Home Internet service option!

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Fixed Wireless Internet Tower

Fixed (Point to Point) Wireless Internet Service in Nampa

This is the ultimate rural Internet solution! Because our fixed (point to point) wireless internet services are ground based solutions, you will not have the latency / lag issues you would with a satellite internet service. You will also get unlimited use with no data caps or throttling, making it perfect for streaming, gaming or working from home! We offer multiple options for fixed wireless internet service in Nampa.

Plans from $35 per month!

Speeds up to 100 Mbps available!

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All of the great service options mentioned above are also available for Business!

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What is your best option for internet service in Nampa?

The internet provider options, technologies, and speeds available vary by physical location. Please contact us today to determine the best internet service options available at your location.

Quotes are available by Phone, by Text or Online.

If we do not offer the best solution available at your location, we will tell you who does.


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We will respond with speed and pricing options available at your location.


Bundled packages are available, just never required!

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Nampa Satellite TV Service

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We offer DirecTV Satellite TV service, AT&T TV Streaming TV service and Dish Network Satellite TV service in Nampa.

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Nampa Phone Services

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We offer personal, home and business phone services in Nampa.

Our telephone service options include cellular, traditional analog (POTS) and digital VOIP phone solutions.

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Internet Provider Speed Test

Internet Speed Test

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