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Fiber to the Home

Fiber Internet Service

Fiber Internet service is now available in most newer subdivisions and in many older areas served by overhead power lines. There is absolutely nothing better than a direct Fiber Internet connection if you can get it. True fiber Internet service is symmetrical (same speeds up and down) and offers unmatched speeds in both directions.

Gigabit speeds available!

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5G Home Internet Service

Plug and play 5G Internet for home is now available in most communities across Southern Idaho and Eastern Oregon. Simply connect the modem to a power outlet and start surfing. 

Next day service available!

Limited time offer: Get a $50 prepaid gift card with new 5G service! Call for details.

Woman working on WiFi at Home

VDSL2 Internet Service

This high speed Internet service utilizes the existing telephone line in your home or business to give you a dedicated line to the nearby fiber terminal (no phone service required). Because of the dedicated line, your speeds will be consistent, regardless of the time of day, or what others around you are doing on the Internet (not shared bandwidth like some other service options).

Speeds up to 160 Mbps!

Fixed wireless Internet tower

Fixed Wireless Internet Service

Also known as Point to Point Wireless Internet, this is the ultimate high-speed rural Internet solution. Because it is a ground-based service, you will not  have the latency / lag issues associated with traditional satellite Internet service. With hundreds of tower options available, we usually have multiple fixed wireless options to choose from. We specialize in hard to reach places! 

Speeds up to 250 Mbps!

Business Internet Services

Dedicated business Internet services with speeds up to 100 Gbps are available!

Lady connected to business internet with co workers

Business Internet and More

All of the great Internet service options referenced above are also available for Business. We also offer custom dedicated business Internet solutions, multi-carrier backup solutions, Phone, TV and  LED Lighting retrofit services for business.

Call for details on plans and pricing options!

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What is your best Internet service option?

That depends on location!

The Internet provider options, speeds and availability vary by physical location. Contact us today to learn more about the Internet service options available at your location. In most cases, we will have multiple options to choose from.

Quotes are available by Phone, by Text or Online!

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Bundled packages are available, but never required!

Television Services

TV service for Home or Business.

Family watching TV

We offer multiple TV service options including Streaming TV and Satellite TV services. We have a package that will fit your budget and keep your family and guests entertained.

Smart Home Solutions

Monitor what matters most.

Controlling Smart Home with an app on a phone

Rest assured your family and assets are protected while you are at home or away. Our scalable, customizable solutions allow you to tailor your system to monitor the things most important to you.

Sign up now and receive a Free Doorbell Camera with package monitoring technology!

Phone Services

Mobile, Home or Business!

People on Cell Phones

Personal, Home or Business, we’ve got all the bases covered when it comes to phone services! Unlimited phone plans start at only $20 per month. Call for details.

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Video streaming references assume 10 Mbps per HD quality video stream and 25 Mbps per 4K HD quality video stream.